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The TechView Manufacturing Work Instruction System
Software products for manufacturing documentation to meet ISO and QS 9000 standards

To create manufacturing work instructions
Use TechEdit to create templates for work instructions, into which you can incorporate photographs from the shop floor, CAD geometry, or scanned drawings. Computed fields can be included on templates, allowing work instruction information to be entered easily and efficiently, data entry style.
To organize work instructions according to shop floor manufacturing procedures
With Methods, bar coded orders can be scanned, bringing up the procedures necessary to complete the order. Automate procedure approval/release process. Automate revision process and revision control.
To view work instructions, photos, CAD drawings, text, and scanned images electronically on shop floor
Use HyperView to view instructions created in TechEdit. In conjunction with Methods, use HyperView to bring up procedures by scanning bar coded orders, and to link to databases.