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General Features

  • View and redline CAD drawings, scanned raster images, color and grayscale photographs, and text, on computers and terminals.
  • Viewing and Searching Tools
  • Mouse-driven; or, for environments where even a mouse would not be practical, may be keyboard-driven.
  • Organize drawings for easy viewing and quick retrieval using the HyperView Folder feature.
  • Graphics Translation Capabilities, interactively or in batch mode, for: CGM, HPGL, HPGL/2, Form software format.
  • Fast software-based raster decompression allows quick delivery of large engineering drawings to terminal users.
  • Hyperlinking to other drawings, text files, and AVI video clips. Text and graphics may be added to identify hyperlink boxes.
  • Direct launching of other applications.
  • Cross-referencing from a page in one folder to another folder.
  • Using MS Windows DDE, easily integrates with:
    Engineering Data Management System (EDMS);
    Computer-Aided Process Planning System (CAPP); and Shop Floor Management Systems.
  • Directory aliases allow reference to directories in a uniform and consistent way for a network or mixed operating system environment.
  • High resolution print output from all Windows-supported printers, including color printers.
  • Print grayscale and color photographs; plot drawings; rotate, crop, and scale at print time.
  • HyperView supports these drawing tools: Lines, Boxes, Circles, Text, Arrows, Whiteout, Freehand Drawing, Symbol Libraries.
  • Text capabilities include: Five type sizes from 3 to 36 points; Subscripts and Superscripts; Technical Characters; ISO Characters; paragraph text with automatic wrap.
  • Up to eighteen colors for Text and Lines can be customized.
  • Use "drag and drop" libraries created in TechEdit for redlining.
  • Customize user interface and capabilities; for example, redlining may be eliminated.
  • ISO Time Stamp allows automatic printing of customizable time stamp at bottom of each printed page.
  • Support for these formats: TIFF Group 3; TIFF Group 4; CALS Group 4 Type 1; BMP; ASCII Text; CGM; TechView Metafile; TechView Compressed Binary Vector Files; TIFF Grayscale and Color Photographs; JPEG, JFIF Grayscale and Color Photographs; DOD CALS Compliant; and HPGL and HPGL/2 Plot Files.
  • As part of the TechView Work Instruction System, HyperView can be used as a stand-alone product to view work instruction sheets, or in conjunction with Methods and/or TechEdit.

Viewing And Searching Tools

  • Automatically locate specified part numbers on large, detailed drawings.
  • Alphanumeric search through Folders to quickly find essential drawings and work instructions.
  • Paging and Page Skipping.
  • Zoom, Pan, Magnifying Glass, and Zoom to User-selected Area.
  • Easy scrolling, including diagonally, and Autoscrolling. An icon shows you where you are.
  • File Search feature enables you to:
    • Search within folders and work instructions for all references to a particular part, tool, or fixture.
    • Use wildcards and/or specify date and time.
    • Output search results for database input