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Screenshot 2: Outline Building Tools

Use the Methods Outline Editor to quickly create, edit, and maintain your outline with drag and drop functionality, balloon help, copying and pasting text, and search capabilities. The Outline Editor enables you to register and build manufacturing procedure outline in one easy operation, using templates. Templates ensure that your database is built to plan, and that it remains consistent.

Use the Methods Scratch Pad to complete the procedure, by dragging the various documentation objects into the appropriate category. Methods Scratch Pads are simple-to-use tools for building and editing procedures and other container elements. Scratch Pads offer drag and drop functionlity, filtering capabilities, balloon help, and copying and pasting text. Procedure documentation can be accessed on the factory floor by scanning the bar code for the part.

In the example shown below, work instruction sheet APS0031 revision A is replaced with APS0031 revision B, by dragging and dropping the revised sheet into the procedure. The sheet is flagged, so that it will be displayed as a changed page on the factory floor. The ID Like filter allows you to select only from relevant sheets.