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You need an accurate way of displaying correct manufacturing instructions on the shop floor--within budget.

Use Methods database software for organizing, managing and maintaining manufacturing work instructions on the shop floor. Methods offers a structured view of procedures in outline form, and enables you to view and print sets of procedures by manufacturing area, line or station; product; or product group. Automatically display appropriate work instructions for a particular station by scanning bar codes on work orders. An audit trail verifies that correct instructions were displayed at each station.

Manufacturing workers return to their work station from vacation, without catching up on the latest ECN's. How can they review changes made during their absence?

The manufacturing worker simply scans a bar code for the station, product, or manufacturing procedure, and Methods automatically displays all of the recently changed work instructions corresponding to that bar code.

You are required by law to provide workers with easy access to safety data such as Material Safety Data Sheets. Additionally, you'd like to make quality control information and other data, not contained on work instructions, readily available to shop floor operators.

Use Methods to automatically create, based on instruction content, one-click links from work instructions to MSDS and other pertinent information. With just a mouse click, connect to quality control data, SPC data collection software, Engineering Change Notices, or information contained in manufacturing databases such as MRP or BOM systems.

Engineering management has decided to restructure your part numbering scheme. You have thousands of drawings with hundreds of thousands of part number references. How can you quickly and automatically locate and fix all part number references?

Use the Search and Replace feature in Methods to automatically locate and change part number references, revision levels, and other information.