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General Features

  • Create templates for work instructions. Add drawings, photographs, descriptive icons, and text to complete your work instruction sheet.
  • Use the Label feature to enable work instructions to be filled out data-entry style, and incorporate computed fields such as current date and time and automatically generated file names based on part number, operation, and page.
  • Edit, position, and size up to 8 images and/or object-oriented blueprints on each instruction page, including color or grayscale photographs.
  • Define frames for blueprint sizing and positioning on template.
  • Live links to blueprints allow automatic updating when photographs, images, or drawings are changed.
  • Create and use "drag and drop" libraries of 128 frequently-used symbols each.
  • Highlight areas of your blueprints with color.
  • Zoom, Pan, and Zoom to User-Selected Area.
  • Graphics Translation Capabilities, interactively or in batch mode, for: CGM, HPGL, HPGL/2, Form software format.
  • Ten windows available to contain drawings, for simultaneous editing, with copying, cutting, and pasting between work instructions.
  • Search allows automatic location of part, tool, or fixture references.  (With Methods, you can globally, or selectively, change the part number wherever it appears.)
  • ISO Time Stamp allows automatic printing of customizable time stamp at bottom of each printed page.
  • Directory aliases allow reference to directories in a uniform and consistent way for a network or mixed operating system environment.
  • High resolution print output from all Windows- supported printers, including color printers.
  • Print grayscale and color photographs; plot drawings; rotate, crop, and scale at print time.
  • Formats supported include: TIFF Group 3; TIFF Group 4; CCITT Group 4 with CALS Header; TIFF Uncompressed; TechView Metafile; TechView Compressed Binary Vector Files; TIFF Grayscale and Color Photographs; JPEG, JFIF Grayscale and Color Photographs; DOD CALS Compliant; CGM; HPGL and HPGL/2 Plot Files; and BMP.
  • As part of the TechView Work Instruction System, TechEdit can be used as a stand-alone product to create work instruction sheets, or in conjunction with Methods and/or HyperView to organize and view work instructions.

Drawing & Editing Features

  • Extensive blueprint editing of images and photos, with cutting, copying, pasting, cropping, erasing, and automatic tracing and erasing of images.
  • TechEdit supports these drawing tools: Lines, Rectangles, Text, Arrows, Patterns, Whiteout, Squares, Circles, Ovals, Splines, Polylines, Freehand Drawing, 3 to 8 sided Polygons, Symbol Libraries.
  • Powerful interactive Spline tool to match any curve precisely.
  • Electronic Scissors to copy from drawings and images, then paste onto form and edit.
  • Text capabilities include: Type sizes from 1 to 144 points; expand or compress text width and track; Subscripts and Superscripts; Technical Characters; Roman, Modern, and Typewriter fonts; ISO Characters; paragraph text with automatic wrap and adjustable wrapping and linespacing.
  • Interactively Rotate and Scale Objects and Text.
  • Color and Shades of Gray for Text, Lines, Fills.
  • Custom Color Palettes
  • Sharpen and optimize contrast for photographs.
  • Select objects to edit by common attributes, such as color, point size, and fill.